Happy Dogs And Cat in Australia

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Story behind this video: After a dog graduates my off leash training program, I’ll offer a “doggy outing service”. I pick up the dogs (usually between 8-12 dogs), take them to dog beaches or other dog friendly places, let them … Continued

Most Romantic Dog

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There is nothing more adorable then puppies love for each other. Just take a look at this puppy licking and kissing his beloved brother. A few seconds later another puppy comes and joins the fun 🙂

Is This Real? What Is This Dog Doing?

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This video is unbelievable! A Dog is taking the baby for a walk in his carriage in the middle of the street. The driver of the car had to pull over and take out his phone camera and catch this. … Continued

Why Boxers Are The Best Dogs For Kids

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Boxers are one of the best dogs for families with children. They like to play, don’t bite, and are very patient. I would recommend a boxer to any family.  My family has had dogs since my children were babies. … Continued

The Talking Dog

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This is Mishka, He is a beautiful Husky dog but he has a special talent. Mishka can Talk! how is it possible? Have you ever seen a dog cable of saying “I love you”? courtesy of : gardea23

You Shall Not Pass, Dog

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Sweet dogs terrified of walking past cats: a dramatic compilation. These cats manipulate dogs that they have figured out. The cat knows how to exploit a narrow pathway (doorway or stairwell) to the discomfort or frustration of the dog. It’s … Continued

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