Very Dangerous Doberman. Or Maybe Not?

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Take a look at what’s happening in this video. A baby approaches a doberman and tries to pull his tongue. How do you think the Doberman will react? Related Post German Shepherd dog sings with his owner What Happened To … Continued

Fluffy Kitten Does Not Know What To Do

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So fluffy, so cute! Too much cuteness! Question : Why the heck do people keep saying this is animal abuse!? It’s just playing with a kitten, kittens need to be played With for when their older they can hunt and … Continued

Little Kitten So Tired Cutest vid ever

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All of the kittens in this video are simply the cutest animals I have ever seen! This is how I feel when I have to hear a professor’s monotonous voice for over an hour. I want to squeeze and cuddle … Continued

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